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As a production manager and DJ gear expert, Walt designs and implements productions assets at super clubs such as Temple Nightclub Denver and Beta 2.0.  He also runs the stages and equipment for some of the largest DJ events in the world.  Walt handles all the DJ gear and configurations changes for the top international DJs in the industry such as Global Dance Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Skylab and Decadence.  Decadence was the largest New Years EDM event in the world in 2017.  At these events, Walt is the exclusive requested gear tech for super star DJs such as Tiesto, Skrillex, Chainsmokers, Guetta just to name a few.   Walt also handles production for large scale special events such as weddings, corporate events and sports events.


- Artist Tour & Music Festival Support

- Night Club Sound, Lighting and EFXs

- DJ Booth Management

- DJ Gear Rentals

- Custom DJ Booth Designs

- Stage Configuration Design

- DJ and Production Equipment Sales & Service

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